Gmail Setup in Mozilla Thunderbird

Like so many other people, I use Google Mail (Gmail) everyday on my cell phone, tablet, and computers. In addition, the college where I teach uses Gmail for  student email accounts. I like to have Gmail setup in Mozilla Thunderbird on my computers (Windows 10 and CentOS8) so I have quick access to answer student emails and other electronic correspondence.  Continue reading “Gmail Setup in Mozilla Thunderbird”

How to get your USB Headphone Microphone to Work in Windows 10

I teach a lot of Zoom classes. I also like to hear myself in my headphones while I am lecturing. In the past year I purchased two different brand headphones with microphones that cost ~$25 to $35 from Amazon to use in Windows 10. Neither would work right. I could not hear myself speaking but I could hear my students fine. I read support forums online and even sent a support request to a manufacturer, all came up empty. Finally I decided to just start digging in Windows 10 and find the missing checkbox. Continue reading “How to get your USB Headphone Microphone to Work in Windows 10

Check Google Wear OS Settings If Your Cellphone Will Not Ring

I carry a Samsung Galaxy A50 cellphone with about 60 apps installed. Several months ago, the ringtone on my phone quit working. The only way I could get the ringtone to work was to force a hard reboot by pressing the down volume and power buttons at the same time for about 45 seconds. Sometimes I would have to hard reboot several times before the ringtone would start working again. It got to the point that I had to hard reboot every day or so and then the ringtone still might not work. Here is how I finally fixed this problem. Continue reading “Check Google Wear OS Settings If Your Cellphone Will Not Ring”

How to Upgrade AutoIndex to PHP 7

I posted back in September 2017 that I am a fan of the AutoIndex 2.2.4 PHP script. See my post “Bootsrap 3 Responsive Template for AutoIndex PHP Script“.

Many ISPs and web designers are moving to PHP  7.x, the current version of PHP.  Unfortunately this causes AutoIndex 2.2.4 to stop working. It will throw an error referring to a magic_quotes function call on line 122 of the index.php file:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function set_magic_quotes_runtime()

The magic_quotes function was taken out of PHP 7.x. But have no fear, it turns out that the solution is not too difficult.   Continue reading “How to Upgrade AutoIndex to PHP 7

How to Switch Thunderbird Message Format from HTML to Plain Text

I have been using Thunderbird for years on my Windows and Linux computers. It is a fantastic email client. As of today I am using version 57.0.2.

One thing that has puzzled me for a long time about Thunderbird is why  there was not an easy way to switch from HTML to plain text when writing a message. It does not happen often for me, but sometimes I just want to write a simple plain text message. There is no prompt in the Thunderbird menu system to do this. Right-clicking in the message area does not provide a way. I cannot find an icon for this in a toolbar. This has been frustrating to say the least.  Continue reading “How to Switch Thunderbird Message Format from HTML to Plain Text”