Digital Atomic Wall/Desk Clock with Thermometer from Walgreens

I am a bit OCD when it comes to time. I always have clocks around me. I especially like atomic clocks that synchronize with in Boulder, Colorado.

Back in 2003, our local Walgreens ran a special on atomic clocks for about $20.00 each. At that time atomic clocks were not as easy to find as they are now (just research them on and see how many come up). I ended up buying two of these clocks – Model #701070 Item #C17D1775.

About every two years I have to replace the two AA batteries in these clocks. I did not have the owner’s manual handy (it’s more like an owner’s instruction¬† sheet), so I tried to find it on the web. No luck. After looking around in my stuff, I ended up finding one of my two original copies of the instructions tucked away in a box in a cabinet. Thank goodness!

So, in an effort to “pay it forward” if anyone needs the instructions for these great clocks…click on this link to download the four page document.

I have since purchased several other atomic clocks…but you always remember your first…right?

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