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Here are some other websites we have developed over the years:
This is our main teaching web site; content is targeted to students in the classes I teach.
Job openings are posted here for our CPT students. This project was written from scratch using PHP, mySQL, Javascript, Bootstrap, and a few other tools.
Version 2 of features a PHP5 front end and a mySQL database of over 24,000 computer terms and definitions.
This is my “side-job” site in case anyone wants to hire me for some freelance work.
This is fun site for the 1966 graduating class of Greenville Senior High School.
Calling all University of South Carolina Gamecock sports fans…here is your non-commercial online fan site. Catch-up on all the latest Gamecock news from across the state and nationally, as well as the latest “tweets”. monitors the major sports news outlets like ESPN and statewide newspapers for the latest Gamecock news in all sports.
This is a handy site for students who are learning how to subnet. is a repository of articles, tutorials, and tip sheets that can be very helpful for networking students. The namesake of this site is an article I helped develop over the years that teaches students a quick and easy way to manually calculate subnetting during an exam without the aid of a calculator.

Click here if you are interested in “my story”.

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