SELinux is blocking Webalizer on RHEL5.2 Install

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In a recent installation of RHEL5.2, SELinux is blocking Webalizer from writing stats to /var/www/html/sitename/stats. What is the best way to remedy this issue short of disabling SELinux? This is a default installation, very little customization at this point.

Fixed the problem:

After a little reading and experimenting, I was able to fix the problem using audit2allow.To understand this process as it applies to REHL5.2, read…y-package.htmlFirst, I piped the SELinux alert message into audit2allow and used the switches as suggested by Red Hat:echo “insert alert message here” | audit2allow -M newpolicyIn order to load this newly created local SELinux policy package (.pp) into the kernel, I ran this command:semodule -i newpolicy.pp

Next I tested the Webalizer cron jobs and all worked as expected with no more errors.

I also read an interesting, but dated, article on SysAdmin’s Web site that inspired me:…508a/0508a.htm


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