How to Create a Hyperlink in Word or Outlook to a File or Folder on a Shared Drive

Have you ever been working on a document or email and needed to include a hyperlink to a file or folder on a shared drive on a file server? This seems to be happening more and more.

Here is a good way to solve this situation. In this example we are using Microsoft Word 2010 and Outlook 2010 on our college intranet. This is a pretty easy procedure as long as you remember all the steps:

  1. First create the text that you want for the hyperlink
  2. Select (highlight) the text for the hyperlink, right-click, and choose Hyperlink from the options menu
  3. Next click on the “Browse” icon, it looks like an open folder; browse to the file or folder you need to hyperlink to and then select it
  4. Click OK

Like magic your text should now become a working hyperlink. Please be sure to test the link before sending to all your co-workers.

Maybe this screenshot will help:


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